It’s easy to have a moment of weakness and do something to hurt the man you love. You feel terrible and wish you could change what you did, but it will be too late and your boyfriend may have lost trust in you. The only thing you can do is hope that you can make him understand that you didn’t do it to hurt him. He might not take you in his arms and forgive you right now, but with patience and taking the right steps, you can get your ex boyfriend to trust you again.

First of all, it is necessary to tell the truth. Lying about what happened will just make it worse when your ex finds out the truth and he may decide that he can never trust you again. You can’t try to make it seem unimportant because to your ex boyfriend it is very important. Get it all out in the open no matter how much it hurts him. It is better to get it all over now than having details you withheld come back to haunt you later.

Don’t make excuses or blame someone else for your actions. Try to stay calm and no crying or begging. If you are going to get your ex boyfriend to trust you again he has to also respect you. Making a clean confession and owning up to your mistake can go a long way toward making the man you love want to be with you again. You may feel that you are under constant surveillance, but you must be accessible to him at all times.

This is especially true if the mistake you made was cheating. It will have to be clear that you are no longer seeing the other man because if you slip again, you can kiss your relationship and ex boyfriend goodbye for good. Always let him know where you will be and that your cell phone will always be available to him. This might sound like being in prison, but you made the mistake and if you want your ex boyfriend to trust you again, you have to pay the penalty.

The other big mistake that can ruin your boyfriend’s trust is lying. A small fib can be easily forgiven, but if you have lied to him about your past life it can make him question whatever you tell him. He could ask you to show proof if something you tell him sounds a little strange. You will have to swallow your pride and understand why he mistrusts you. After all how would you feel if the situation was reversed?

Of course the best policy is to be honest in all of your dealings, but you are only human and subject to temptation. You never think you will be caught, but when you are the price of regaining trust can be high. However, if you love him and really want your ex boyfriend to trust you again, swallow your pride and do your punishment.

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  • Scorch Delta-62:

    2 days following the incident, he informs me, confesses. Informs me he’s so sorry which it’ll never happen again, he’s completely taken his ex from his existence. He will not speak with her whatsoever. He is constantly on the text me during the day, saying what he’s doing, who he’s with, and when I request him who that individual is, he describes these to me, at length. How lengthy he’s known them, what their age is, has he ever dated them, etc. Such things as that. I trust him, sorta, sometimes I start feeling jealous. But, I am talking about, was I stupid for giving him another chance? :/ I really like him… could my love be blinding me, or perhaps is he really attempting to convince me he will not try it again?

  • llb443:

    I have been with my boyfriend for any year now. Before we’ve got together he’d just become from a 8 year on again/off again relationship using the mother of his child..regrettably for me personally, we came so right after their split that everybody thought i was happening before they split up which i had been a house-wrecker. Well, for that first couple of several weeks in our relationship he was still being speaking to her and playing around together with her behind my back..Everybody in the family understood about this. 5 several weeks into our relationship I discovered I had been pregnant..2 days later the ex found me and explained about everything together with her and my boyfriend. It has been Rocky since. These were together for 8 years therefore the ex is not far from the whole family and it has had their support the whole time, nobody wanted anything related to me, they thought i had been some other brief girl that will appear and disappear from his existence. Annually later now, the babys almost here and also the household is finally beginning to warm-up in my experience. The ex continues to be greatly apart of the everyday existence and ours. I simply cannot appear to conquer what went down. I am worried that it is still happening or that it is likely to launch again. His family found my babyshower, they have asked for my friendship on Facebook, however i can’t have it from my mind that it is only with regard to the infant…which when the baby will get here he’s going to return to his ex. We live right on the doorstep to his parents and so i suffer from seeing his ex almost everyday. She still wants him to she loves the truth that she will use her friendship together with his mother as her distance to his daily existence. THey appear like they are close friends. I recieve home from work and that i see his ex’s vehicle..His ex has first dates with men and brings them to his moms to show them off throughout my boyfriend. She stays the evening there some nights, so each time my boyfriend is out for any smoke break I worry that hes heading out there hoping doing. I personally don’t like going to sleep before him the nights shes over since i worry hes likely to sneak there after i fall asleep. Hes sworn up and lower in my experience that there’s nothing happening and that he does not want her back. Shes done something to reunite with him and he’s remained beside me, to ensure that should comfort me right? Maybe its just my pregnant the body’s hormones however i worry he only stays while he does not want the strain in our breakup to harm the infant so he stays while i am pregnant. I am uber paranoid.I’d never been scammed on before him and i’d also been the very first love within my prior two serious associations, same with it simply the truth that everythings new and i have never worked by using it before thats causeing this to be all so difficult for me personally…or perhaps is it a stomach feeling which i should trust? I am a very insecure person to start with…I simply seem like this really is all eating me alive. I really like him with all of me and that he Has been doing all things in his energy to achieve my trust back since i have discovered he was disloyal..She does not have his new mobile phone number, all contact is on my cell phone so when he accumulates his daughter and drops her off he tends to bring me with him….but thats not a way for all of us to reside. How do you start having faith in him again? or perhaps is it a stomach feeling which i should trust?

  • evangldbrg:

    so me and my boyfriend was carrying out a little shopping today after i went into my old boyfriend together with his boyfriend. We began speaking to see how eachother was doing etc. We was buddies before we began dating but when we’ve got inside a relationship our friendship was over. We exchanged phone nubers while he wants me as uncle again. My boyfriend got really angry relating to this and told to tear up now or he will not believe me. He’s been getting a screwed up attitude and also have virtually been disregarding me.

    What is the main reason my boyfriend got so angry over me talkign to my ex & getting his number? I am talking about me & my ex have been in associations now and we’re both happy and so i see not a problem with getting a friendship again.

  • Lucas H:

    I split up with my bf of just one.five years a couple of several weeks ago. He’d one friend he always explained to not sleep with and that i did. I be sorry above all else and am truly sorry. I’ve expressed this to my ex bf and that he forgave me, however required it when he discovered more particulars. Can there be anything I’m able to do in order to help him believe me again? Despite the fact that i was split up, he is still naturally very hurt. I’m attempting to mend things, even when we simply finish up being buddies. I truly want him within my existence. Did I actually do the best factor by confessing? How do i gain his trust back? Thank you for listening.

  • forahobby:

    I am attending college. I split up with my lengthy distance old boyfriend for having an affair. During the last 4 days, he’s been calling me off and on pleading that i can return. Sometimes I’d answer, sometimes I would not. I told him many occasions I possibly could never trust him again and there isn’t any chance. He broke me since i thought things would really exercise for all of us, after which I discover he’s been delivering dirty messages whole time to various women, together with a close friend. Once I told him to depart me alone, he explained he became a member of a dating site and he’s been searching for somebody new. However days later he’d let me know he misses me. Yesterday was the final time he known as. He began pleading constantly for any second chance, that there is a much better side of him now, which he’s transformed. I don’t think that he’s transformed whatsoever, and something minute after I only say no to him he becomes aggressive. And So I stuck.

    This mid-day, I recieve a text from him again. He stated “I acquired a girlfriend” I sent one back saying “congratulations I am happy for you personallyInch and that he stated to me “Really? So sexy give me an idea from me” What the heck??? I did not respond. What’s he doing? a couple hrs later he states “hey sexy I am speaking with my girl”

    Help. Exactly what do I actually do?

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet:

    Ok is this wrong? My ex boyfriend wants me back i have to admitt im still feeling some sparks for him but he cheated on me once and i kinda feel like he going to do it again. Although lasttime he cheated he promised me he wouldnt do it ever again and he bought me a promise ring to prove his honesty should i trust him i no i love him but should i give him 100% of my trust. Advice anyone????

  • nathan:

    I dated this guy for about 2 months. I really kinda regret breaking up with him. I heard some things from his ex and my first instinct in my insecure mind was to believe her. I had been cheated on in the past. When I confronted him he denied it, but he never really fought for me. He would text me a few times after the fact. I listened to my friends and I really miss him. Today I saw his profile online. Should I message him? I miss him. What would I say? Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice. I don’t want to fall down the same path again and get hurt. Its just with failing at dating I wonder if I messed up.

  • Sriram R:

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly 3 years, and recently I told him that I cheated on him with an old ex boyfriend that I dated for 4 months. The reason I cheated was because he wouldn’t spend time with my family, and we weren’t going out anywhere. It was only a one time thing, and he took me back, but now he doesn’t trust me. He was the sweetest guy in the world, who would do anything for me, and even told me he had intentions on marrying me. I know I fu.cked up big, but how do I regain his trust again? This is very difficult for me because I truly love him.

  • Marlon P:

    My wife has started contacting an ex boyfriend she was seeing him a few years ago and i found out due to text mess on phone that was incriminating preety sure she cheated she denied i had no proof so accepted her answers and said as long as u dont contact him again.She left her email open and i checked it and she has emailed him he hasent tried to contact her in 2 years the emails told him how im this and im that and all our problems which married couples have money etc she says she loves me and will always be married to me no matter what but the emails tell the opposite story i cant believe some of the things she is saying mostly untrue he has replied with if your not happy you should leave i can almost see him smirking rubbing his hands togethrer thinking im in you guys will know what i mean its a case of tell her what she wants to hear im sure it would be the same for him if they were married It sucks wjhat should i do.Please no silly answers
    Nunya thats what kills me she has a lot of close girlfriends she can confide in

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